You want HOW MANY landing pages???

I like sinking my teeth into big projects, but when Blys Massage asked me to write 186 landing pages, I’ll admit I was a little surprised! The great news is, each landing page is teaching me something new (and adding to my pub-quiz knowledge for a later date). So, as testing as this job is, I’m certainly gaining some valuable insights at the same time!

A Script For A Meaningful Cause

capture Every so often I am privileged to be part of a project with real meaning. A fantastic team of people are currently working to bring bread and cold water to the civilians of Central African Republic. They asked me to create a script which would form the bones of a crowdfunding video. This video can be found here.

New Contract with The Slimming Clinic

Working with a company that cares about improving the quality of life of others is important to me. That’s why I’m delighted to have started a comprehensive content contract with The Slimming Clinic. This FANTASTIC client has a variety of interesting content requirements, including social media postings, newsletter content, blog repurposing, sales emails and SMS creation. I am also thrilled to be adding content ideas to the overall marketing strategy and working within a highly skilled team of experts.  

Play More Golf

I am thrilled to begin work with Play More Golf, a flexible online membership programme for golfing enthusiasts. Going forward, I will be helping Play More Golf with their general member and club communications via a blog and newsletter. An extract of my first piece for them can be found below.