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You want HOW MANY landing pages???

I like sinking my teeth into big projects, but when Blys Massage asked me to write 186 landing pages, I’ll admit I was a little surprised! The great news is,
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I don’t like to play favourites with my clients, but I could not be more excited about the launch of LoveBox, a women’s self-love subscription service with a difference. For
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Crownbrush SEO blog content

If you’ve ever worn make-up, it’s highly likely you’ve come across Crownbrush. Selling affordable, high quality cosmetics, Crownbrush have established a name for themselves as a beauty kit essential. Last
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I visited Dubai last year for the first time and remember being struck by just how extravagant and elegant the hotels were. Aside from being astronomical in size, they were
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AlifBee Language App

When Covid-19 forced us all into lockdown, many people decided to maximise their time in isolation by taking up new skills and hobbies. Learning a new language was one of
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ARCare’s mission is to ensure patients in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Mississippi are able to benefit from affordable, routine medical care. Their patient resources section provides patients with insights into important
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Ginger Says (Wedding Florist)

Last year I was hired to produce blog content for Ginger Says, an Australian-based wedding florist specialising in artificial flowers and decor. I was thrilled to be given the freedom
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Pipedrive Project

Pipedrive is a comprehensive CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople. I recently began working with Pipedrive’s marketing department to create content for a new feature being launched later this
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Premium Sipping Tequila

Learning and writing about sipping tequila has been a fun distraction from my usual topics of interest. Volans Premium Tequila asked me last month to write 10 pieces of content
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