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Pipedrive Project


Pipedrive is a comprehensive CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople. I recently began working with Pipedrive’s marketing department to create content for a new feature being launched later this year. This task requires me to read existing long-form content and create new content based on snippets of relevant information. While doing this, I’ve been learning a lot more about CRM, and have come to love the Pipedrive product so much that I’ve now become a customer!

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My 2 Years With The Hairy Bikers Diet Club

Today marks the final day of The Hairy Bikers Diet Club. The club has closed following many years of tremendous success and I’ve had a fantastic time working closely with the team over the past 2 years producing content in various forms. My tasks included blogging, acquiring customer success stories, collaborating on content for diet courses and producing email sequences and promotional campaign copy. I also helped write some landing page copy as and when required.

Below are some examples of my work for this client. Unfortunately, with the club now closed, I cannot link you to the website. However, should you want to see any further examples of my writing style in this space, please let me know.

Extract of a success story write-up.


Extract of a blog post.


I’m going to miss this client immensely and hope to continue to write in the health and diet space again in the future.

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Classic Car Blogging


Working as an ongoing blogger for a classic motoring company is great fun. It also takes me to car shows I would have never attended had I not entered into the project. I write about all sorts of things – events, car parts, motoring clothing and much more! Plus, I write a lot of their social media content too which is really enjoyable.

Please note, I only took over the blog content in February 2017, so any entries before that are not mine.

To see the blog, click here.