I don’t like to play favourites with my clients, but I could not be more excited about the launch of LoveBox, a women’s self-love subscription service with a difference. For the last two months I have been curating content for monthly boxes that are posted out to women who want to self-empower. It’s rewarding to see the launch of the website and I cannot wait to see my content in print.

Pipedrive Project

Pipedrive is a comprehensive CRM platform made for salespeople, by salespeople. I recently began working with Pipedrive’s marketing department to create content for a new feature being launched later this year. This task requires me to read existing long-form content and create new content based on snippets of relevant information. While doing this, I’ve been learning a lot more about CRM, and have come to love the Pipedrive product so much that I’ve now become a customer!

Medical Web Content

IMG_2431 Last year I was asked to write the web copy for a pain management clinic in Phoenix. This was a really enjoyable job because I have a personal interest in the health and science sector and got to research a lot about pain and injury. The results look pretty good too! You can find the general content by clicking here, with a more specific example here.

Web Content For A Local Play Cafe

IMG_2886   I was recently asked to produce some copy for a local cafe website. To get the best result, I simplified their existing text and added in some critical details that were missing. I enjoy working with local businesses and improving their websites. You can find it here (image credit bubble play cafe)

Web Copy Holden Morgan

IMG_2978 When my existing client launched a Morgan car dealership earlier in the year, they asked me to contribute some web copy. You can find it here.