B2B Content Writing – Technology

Capture I’ve recently started work with a fascinating B2B company called LetterBot. Specialising in producing handwritten notes for businesses around the globe, LetterBot utilises unique robotic technology while retaining the personalised touch of an old-fashioned letter. Still in its marketing infancy, my job currently consists of launching their newsletter campaigns and creating nurturing and informative blog content. As the businesses grows, I anticipate my role will too!


I have recently undertaken an ongoing content writing project with DermCare, a Massachusetts-based dermatology clinic offering dermal fillers, Botox, mole removal and similar treatments. I have been asked to educate and support prospective customers by providing them with useful, informative articles on topics relating to skincare. Capture

Premium Sipping Tequila

Annotation 2019-10-28 113104 Learning and writing about sipping tequila has been a fun distraction from my usual topics of interest. Volans Premium Tequila asked me last month to write 10 pieces of content for their website and, given their unique company ethos and dedication to excellence, I leapt at the opportunity. I’ve had immense fun researching the way tequila is manufactured, how it can be used in cocktails and how to properly enjoy sipping tequila without adding in overpowering ingredients. I can’t wait to try a bottle for myself!