Crypto Articles For Alerts Start-up

I’ve been writing more for the crypto space in recent years and was thrilled when Just Alerts asked me to bulk out its article section with crypto beginner guides.

Flexispot – Ergonomic Furniture Blog

I have been asked to produce a series of informative and product-focused blog posts for Flexispot – a company that sells ergonomic furniture to home workers and companies with remote employees. This is a great opportunity for me to bring in my expertise and interest in health and wellbeing!

Celebrancy Content

Last month the International College of Professional Celebrants hired me to fill out their blog content. My favourite piece to write by far was about LGBTI+ wedding ceremonies. You can find a snippet here, or the full article here.

Women’s Birth Resources

Working with was fun, thought-provoking and incredibly educational. As a mother, I have some pre-existing knowledge about birth and pregnancy, but having never had a homebirth, this topic was brand new to me. And boy was it eye-opening! I was tasked to write a series of educational articles for women considering homebirth in the United States. In the screen shot, you can see just some of the topics I wrote about!

Covid Blogging Is A Business Essential

Every one of my clients has needed to adjust their policies and procedures in times of Covid. Communicating those changes to customers is vitally important – and that’s where I come in. Below is just one example of how I might use a client’s blog to explain business changes. Note, this is just a snippet of a much more substantial post!

Sexy Social Media Captions

I love my job! LVBX hired me to create these seriously sexy social media captions and I admit, I had a lot of fun coming up with ideas.

Executive Coaching

I have a strong personal interest in psychology, so was happy to begin working with Rachel Hill, an executive coach in Australia. Coaching is all about drawing from various psychological models to help clients achieve their goals. As part of our content project, I got to geek-out over a number of psychology papers and help Rachel form content that is informed and evidence-based. Here are some snippets.

You want HOW MANY landing pages???

I like sinking my teeth into big projects, but when Blys Massage asked me to write 186 landing pages, I’ll admit I was a little surprised! The great news is, each landing page is teaching me something new (and adding to my pub-quiz knowledge for a later date). So, as testing as this job is, I’m certainly gaining some valuable insights at the same time!


I don’t like to play favourites with my clients, but I could not be more excited about the launch of LoveBox, a women’s self-love subscription service with a difference. For the last two months I have been curating content for monthly boxes that are posted out to women who want to self-empower. It’s rewarding to see the launch of the website and I cannot wait to see my content in print.

I visited Dubai last year for the first time and remember being struck by just how extravagant and elegant the hotels were. Aside from being astronomical in size, they were dripping with luxury down to the tiniest detail. That’s why I was happy to begin work with Offering premium hotel venue listings across the United Arab Emirates (and beyond), this comprehensive search tool can assist in luxury hotel bookings at the click of a button.